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notepad++ multiline to single line

Highlight the lines you want to join (or use Ctrl + A to select everything)
Choose Edit → Line Operations → Join Lines from the menu or press Ctrl + J.
It will put in spaces automatically if necessary to prevent words from getting stuck together

In Search Mode pick Extended

Find – \r\n Replace – leave it empty.


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Dos önemli komutlar


Tüm directory altındaki alt klasörleri ve içindeki dosyaları silme komutu

C:\sei>rmdir /s net

rm komutu
rm myfile.txt

Remove the file myfile.txt without prompting the user.
rm -rf directory

Remove a directory, even if files exist in that directory.

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Google Chrome – Restore to default settings

Google Chrome – Restore to default settings

1. Close all running instances of Google Chrome.
2. Go to User > Username > Appdata> Local > Google > Chrome > User Data.
3. Show hidden folder /files: Tools > Folder Options > View > Check “Show Hidden files, folders and drives”.
4. Look for a folder named as “Default”. short path windows 8: (%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\)


5. Rename it (in our example “Default reset”) and open Google Chrome.
6. As you will notice, Google Chrome has been restored to its default settings.
Now you can safely delete the “renamed folder”.


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